Choosing the Best Small-Scale Alcohol Distillation Setup

Best smallscale alcohol distillation setup

Distillation setups are essential in any prepper’s arsenal, particularly during SHTF events. Distilling equipment can produce water, fuel alcohol, antiseptic solutions and other valuable commodities which could come in handy when bartering for supplies.

When selecting the optimal small-scale alcohol distillation setup, it is essential to take your goals for the device into account. A pot still is ideal if your aim is to maintain natural flavors from your mash while creating strong and pure fuel ethanol; alternatively, a reflux still is ideal for producing higher-grade vapor quality alcohols.

Consider how much vapor you require and which heat source you plan on using; some devices may not work with certain heating sources – for instance if using an induction stove make sure that it will work with the distiller you choose.

Dependent upon what you’re producing, multiple distillation runs may be necessary. The first run, known as the heads, may contain impurities that are undesirable such as soaps and chemicals that burn at higher temperatures than ethanol. After this stage is distilled again, its liquid remains known as tails.

The YUEWO distillation set is suitable for beginners as well as experienced users, being easy to assemble with all parts included and featuring an accurate thermometer that displays temperatures both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Furthermore, this distiller works with multiple heat sources while being covered by an impressive one-year warranty that includes exchange parts/refund/video guides if necessary.