Cognac Courvoisier – Distinct taste and character

Though there are more than 200 producers of cognac 90% of the market is captured by the four big ones namely, Courvoisier, Remy Martin, Hennessy, and Martell. Legend has it that cognac Courvoisier was the preferred cognac of Napoleon and therefore it is also called the ‘The cognac of the Napoleon’.

Courvoisier cognac is characterized by layers and layers of aroma that makes for its greatness in its each sip. Its subtly classic taste combined with the mastery of making it makes you enjoy each sip of this cognac. The two types of Courvoisier, the VSOP and OX are distinct in taste and smoothness. The exquisite cognac with its depth and complexity makes it definitely a brand name synonymous with sophistication and great taste. The cognac Courvoisier OX is the superior variant that has been aged for about 25-30 years, XO denoting extra old. It comes in a magnificent tear drop shaped bottle, is very smooth and tastes likes oak, chocolate, nuts, caramel and orange. VSOP (very superior old pale) Courvoisier is aged for 8 – 12 years that has a gold caramel color. It is little hot while you drink it and has a oak taste followed by the nutty flavor. You can buy Courvoisier VSOP for about $30 -$40 where as the XO type is far ahead with a price tag of about $140 – $150.

There is the famous napoleon Courvoisier cognac that is matured up to 20years. The maturity of the blends brings out its signature old port, prune and orange blossom notes. Enjoy it neat, after pouring it in the cognac glass let it sit for a minute so that it allows the air to develop the distinct taste of the cognac.

You can visit the House of Courvoisier that is just out side the town of cognac at a place called Jamac. The visitor centre not only displays the cognac but stress is to ‘sense’ the Courvoisier. One is encouraged to sense all the five senses of sight, sound, taste, feel, and smell. Visitors can hear the blending, see the amber color liquid, feel the full bodied, mellow and round cognac, and the taste that is complex yet elegant giving out aroma of old port, orange blossom, and hazelnuts. The visit emphasizes what a good cognac should be, a blend of aroma and taste that stays with you through the visit. That’s the reason the Courvoisier cognac is reputed internationally for producing finest cognac over centuries. It is the only cognac to be awarded highest award in France for its impeccable quality.

Another prestigious cognac making houses, domaine du breuil is now a small hotel that one can visit to experience the history of the town of cognac. It over looks the valley of river Charente and offers gorgeous views of the country side around cognac. After visiting the brandy ware houses around you can eat at their restaurant that is the best place to eat in cognac. Its menu incorporates the finest cognac with each of its course making the experience unforgettable.

There is no doubt that cognac Courvoisier is seeped in traditional French heritage and has gained well earned international reputation. The crafting and production of cognac Courvoisier ensures highest quality that is close to perfection.