tease your taste buds with the finest Courvoisier XO

Courvoisier XO is a fine offering from the house of Courvoisier. Courvoisier has been in the business of making the finest cognac for centuries. The colorful history of this cognac goes on to say that it was the preferred drink of none other than Napoleon himself. Legend goes that it was in 1811 that Napoleon visited the warehouse of Emmanuel Courvoisier located in suburban Paris in a place called Bercy. So impressed was Napoleon by Courvoisier’s cognac that he took several barrels of the same to St Helena earning Courvoisier’s cognac the name of ‘the Cognac of Napoleon’.

It was in 1843 that Felix Courvoisier, the son of Emmanuel Courvoisier who established the Courvoisier cognac business in the Jarnac region in the south of France. Courvoisier continued to be one of the finest cognac producers and this title was reinstated by Napoleon III who certified Courvoisier to be the “Official Suppliers to the Imperial Court” in 1869.

The Courvoisier business changed hands in 1909 with the Simon Family from England taking over the reins. This family changed the face of the Courvoisier cognac brand and began developing its global appeal. They gave the Courvoisier Cognac the Napoleon silhouette and also introduced the world famous Josephine bottle. Currently owned by Jim Beam Global, Courvoisier Cognac still maintains its high standards of blending and crafting as was introduced by its founders almost two centuries ago.

Courvoisier is in partnership with over a thousand wine making families over generations. But what guarantee the legendary quality of the Courvoisier cognac are the Ugni Blanc grapes. These grapes are chosen from the finest wine producing region in the Cognac region namely, Grand Champagne, Petit Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies. To ensure that the finest cognac is produced from its distilleries, Courvoisier uses comparatively smaller stills in its distilleries giving them better control over the complexity and quality of the younger cognac.

The Courvoisier XO is an intense and complex presentation from the range of cognacs blended by Courvoisier. It presents an intensely aromatic experience wrapped in a velvety texture capturing hints of oranges, apricots and pears. Complementing this bouquet are the rich aromas of vanilla and chocolate along with amber and exotic bakery spices. The finish of the Courvoisier XO is mellow and long with lingering development and great depth. It can asserted that the Courvoisier XO finds a perfect balance of complex flavors giving the taster a long and satisfying and a sweet experience.

The Courvoisier XO is an extra old cognac. It has been aged for twenty five to 30 years and is a colorful blend of Borderies, Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie and Petit Champagne. This cognac has great richness and length. The sweetness and body of the spirit can be felt long after. This dark caramel colored cognac has also earned the title of ‘Best Cognac in the World’ at the Wine and Spirits competition.

Courvoisier XO is aged in fine old French oak barrels to achieve its tasteful perfection. It has the taste and consistency belonging to the finest of cognacs and makes it a superb idea to add it in the cognac connoisseur’s personal collection or offer it as a discerning gift.